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A Whitewater Adventure!

August 9, 2010

Was everyone else as busy as I was this weekend?  Whew!  I am ready for a nap!

Yesterday the husband and I went whitewater rafting with my mom; my brother, Brad; my sister-in-law, Sarah, and a friend of the family, Pete. It was so much fun! Unfortunately I don’t have any photos because there was no way to keep my camera safe on the river.  It had to stay safe and sound in the car.

Photo from the Whitewater Rafting Adventure Facebook page.

We booked through a company called Whitewater Rafting Adventures out of Nesquehoning, Pa., near Jim Thorpe.  We were on the Lehigh River for 5 hours! Let me tell you, you do not need to schedule a workout on a day where you’re white water rafting for 5 hours.  We were so tired last night!

Our guide, Sara. Photo from the Whitewater Rafting Adventure Facebook page.

The trip covered a fun-filled 13 miles through the Lehigh Gorge State Park. We rafted through Class II and III rapids, engaged in crazy water fights with the other rafts (The bail buckets were throwing more water into rafts than out of them, I think!), took a plunge into the river and bobbed along side our raft in the calm areas and floated through the beautiful Lehigh Gorge.  The natural scenery along the banks was gorgeous.  We got to experience some beautiful country from the river and had an absolutely wonderful time!

Look at that scenery. Gorgeous, right? Photo from the Whitewater Rafting Adventure Facebook page.

We had some serious excitement too! Navigating the rapids without getting stuck on a rock or losing any passengers felt like a triumph.  Every time we made it through a section of rough water, we cheered and held out paddles over our heads.  Success!

We did have one instance where things did not go as intended though!  After lunch we hit some pretty serious rapids, struck a rock and the husband and Pete were flung off the raft! We weren’t able to immediate pull them back in the raft because they were being pushed down river and we were not.  The raft was stuck! We were wedged between two large rocks!  Water was pouring over the rock behind us and just dumping into our raft.  Soon we were standing in a raft that was completely filled with water and all of the stuff that had been in our raft, including our bail bucket, was being swept down steam!  I did manage to grab our lunch container and keep that from floating away.  I had no idea what we were going to do or how we were going to get our raft unstuck, particularly with it now being full of water, and the husband and Pete were being swept farther and farther away!

I got scared when I saw another raft was headed right towards us because I didn’t know if it would slid right over top our raft and knock us all out or what would happen.  I envisioned getting forced out of my raft, slammed into the rocks underwater and being trapped under the raft that was headed our way.  Thankfully that raft hit ours and knocked it loose.  We were free!  The raft was still full of water but we were at least on the move again.  Unfortunately Pete didn’t know that when you’re knocked out of the raft you’re supposed to float downstream until either your raft or another is able to pick you up, so he headed for shore.  Because of that we were unable to reach him because of how quickly the water was moving and we whooshed right by him.  Oh no!  We lost Pete!

Thankfully we were able to catch up to the husband and my mom and I yanked him into the raft.  We eventually got things under control, got our raft bailed out with a bucket we borrowed from another raft and were able to relax a little bit.  But where was Pete? There he was!  Sitting in a raft behind us with another group of rafters and one of the guides!  Thank goodness!  And was that really his shoe floating in the river next to us?  It was!  Pete lost one of his shoes when he was tossed overboard and we actually found it.  How lucky is that?

That bit of our trip was just crazy. I didn’t expect excitement quite like that!

Oh, and I lost my sunglasses!  At least they weren’t expensive glasses!

R.I.P Sunglasses. I'll miss you.

All in all our trip was really great and a lot of fun!  I would totally do it again!


Have you ever been whitewater rafting?

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  1. lilascot permalink
    August 9, 2010 9:22 pm

    Oh man, it’s been years since I went whitewater rafting! Glad you had so much fun!

  2. Nori permalink
    August 9, 2010 10:35 pm

    That sounds like such a good time! And scary!

    I’ve been white water rafting, but it was YEARS ago. I’d love to go again!

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