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Farmers Market Love

July 23, 2010

Yesterday was another warm day and, let me tell you, by the time I got home from work, I definitely didn’t feel like cooking.

Fortunately this little masterpiece came to my rescue.

Hello, gorgeous.

I love a nice big salad. I had to break out one of our big plates for this baby.

I started with romaine lettuce and then added celery, carrots, green pepper, cucumber, sharp cheddar cheese, golden raisins and a chopped Morningstar Farms Italian Herb Chik Patty.  I topped it with Ken’s Steak House Lite Northern Italian with Basil and Romano dressing.  That is my current favorite salad dressing.  Such great flavor!  Delicious.  Oh and if you haven’t tried golden raisins in your salads, I totally recommend it! And I had a piece of Multigrain Wasa Bread with a smear of Tribe Sweet Roasted Red Pepper Hummus on the side.  Yum!

The green pepper was from my own little garden.  I have four pepper plants, a zucchini, a ton of bean plants and three corn plants.  Hilarious, right?  We’re going to get – maybe – four ears of corn.  But our backyard is small, I didn’t have room for more!  I used to have a cucumber plant and some pea plants but the zucchini performed a coup d’etat on the cucumber and the beans have muscled out the peas.  A moment of silence for my lost peas and cukes….  Next year I am planting fewer beans because they have just overgrown everything, they’ve even entangled one of the corns!  I really should have had a trellis of some sort for them to climb…  That section of my garden is just tangles and tangles of bean madness.  Surprisingly the plants haven’t actually produced that many beans.  Too busy taking over the world, I guess!  They do have a lot of blossoms right now though…

The cheese in my salad is pretty much the most delicious sharp cheddar ever.  I get this cheese at our local farmers market, VillageCraft Country Peddler and Farmer’s Market, and it really is some of the best cheese I have ever tasted.

The husband and I actually do the majority of our food shopping at the farmers market. We buy pretty much all of our produce and most of our meats and cheeses there.  Not to mention yummy potato donuts, pies, breads and teas!  There’s even a booth with nuts, seeds and dried fruit and a Vietnamese cuisine stand.  Heaven!  There are also a variety of craft stands and a booth that sells homemade doggie and kitty treats!  And the great thing about our farmers market?  It’s indoors, so it goes all year round!  I love that!  Oh, and the people there.  I love the people!

The VillageCraft Country Peddler and Farmers Market (which we consider our market) is open on Fridays 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.  We love our market.  It’s small but we’ve gotten to know many of the vendors and enjoying seeing and chatting with them every Saturday.  But we’re very lucky where we live because there is also the Farmers on the Square market that takes place in town on Wednesday evenings from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.  This market is nice because it is within walking distance!  This one is an open-air, seasonal market and many of the vendors are Amish.  We live in an area with a very high Amish population!  And there is another huge indoor farmers market, the West Shore Farmers Market, which is only 20 min. away.  It’s open Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  We went to the West Shore market when our market was closed for a short while a few months ago.  It’s amazing!  There are also a lot of the Amish at this market.  I could stay there for days and just eat and eat and eat.

In short, I love farmers markets!

I’m a little sad because I don’t know if I am going to make it to our market tomorrow.  I am going bridesmaids dress shopping with a friend whose wedding I am going to be in this October.  I am meeting all of the other bridesmaids for the first time tomorrow and we’re going dress shopping.  Should be fun!  But I have to be at her house around 9:30 a.m., this means I have to leave my house just after 8 a.m.  Do you think I can convince the husband to get up early and hit the farmers market at 7:30 for a quick tour?  (He’s really not a morning person!)

Have you ever been to a farmers market?

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  1. July 24, 2010 12:56 pm

    I’ve never been to a Farmers Market, other than the small one they have in the park here on Thursdays. I’d love to go to a big one like the ones you go to. Whenever you talk about them I think “man, I’d LOVE to do that”. Maybe someday…

    • July 24, 2010 6:36 pm

      Most of the ones I got to aren’t actually that big really! I mean, our usual one is decent sized but that’s mostly because they have craft vendors there as well as farmers/bakers/butchers. And the one on Wednesdays is probably a lot like the one in the park up there! I’ll admit that the West Shore Farmers Market is a biggie!

      I love them all, big or small!

  2. July 24, 2010 10:03 pm

    Your salad looks lovely and I love golden raisins in just about everything!

    I will (hopefully) be going to my first Farmers Market next weekend — my sister in law always shows me these beautiful fruits and veggies (and flowers!) from the Farmers Market but I am usually too lazy to get out of bed and drive 20 minutes to get there.

    • July 25, 2010 4:23 pm

      Fruits and veggies from the farmers market are the best! Ours also had delicious baked goods and ice cream too. Yum!

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